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Progressive Sewing Instruction--click on each Level to see the classes  

* Progress to perfection! Step by step instruction to learn more techniques with each garment in each of the levels.

* Will it look "HOMEMADE" or "CUSTOM MADE". You decide once you see how my expertise will benefit your sewing skills. The inside of the garment is as important to me as the outside is to make your garment not only look better, but last longer. You shouldn't just press the seams open when you complete a step and call it good (in my opinion).

* Let's start with the basics and work ourselves up to a wardrobe of beautiful garments. Each garment in the sequence of instruction will help you learn the skills necessary to go to another level. Some very unique ways to make one garment are taught, and then, you will build on that pattern to make something completely different, even at the beginner level.

* The Level I, Level II, and Level III classes will require you to purchase specific commercial patterns for the classes so you will be able to learn how to use them. There are many independently branded patterns available, but when you are first learning, I find it is better to start with the ones that will be consistent in what is readily available at your local fabric or craft store, and they are frequently on sale to keep your costs down.

* In the Master Classes, you will get very technical instruction on patterns and learn to design garments using your own sloper pattern that is custom made to fit YOU! Why keep re-fitting one pattern after another when you can have your own templates for various components of a garment so you can mix and match everything. You will need to purchase the fitting shell pattern to take this class.