Your Index to Learning Videos (COMING SOON)

These will be in "green" as soon as they're available to view.

  1. How to Measure your pattern for better Fit
  2. Sew 3 types of zippers better and easier
  3. Sewing princess seams--from the shoulder or armhole: a straight seam sewn to a curved seam
  4. Walking a seam: comparing the lengths of 2 curved seams
  5. Sew in a fitted sleeve
  6. Sew a collar and collar band
  7. 3 ways to sew on a cuff
  8. How to draft a facing
  9. 7 different types of fusible interfacings and how to use them
  10. The anatomy of a dart and how to sew it correctly
  11. Dart manipulation (transfer)
  12. Draft & sew a side seam pocket
  13. Draft & sew a slant pocket
  14. 3 ways to sew a welt pocket
  15. Sew a yoke (no hand-stitching)
  16. Sew a continuous lap (no hand-stitching)
  17. Draft a lining for an unlined jacket
  18. Sew a lining in a jacket
  19. Sew a lining in a skirt or pant
  20. Sew a skirt vent with lining
  21. How to "true your seams"
  22. How to "walk a seamline" pattern piece to pattern piece
  23. How to match plaids
  24. How to miter a corner on hems
  25. 3 ways to sew a waistband
  26. How to grade your pattern up or down a size
  27. 9 popular seam finishes
  28. 9 popular hem finishes

There are many free videos online for various techniques in sewing. But, I want to share with you technical information from all the years of sewing that I have done as a custom dressmaker. Sewing your garments "well" will show that you can be proud of your skills as an sewer. Don't be satisfied with your work being "just ok".

I have included many free tutorials for you to view and the others at a small cost to allow me to do this work for you.