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LEVEL II Course: Your "Layering" Garments   

The #200 series of classes will be your "Layering" pieces for your wardrobe plan. It is the continuation of our Progressive Sewing Instruction, the PSI Program, and will add 5 more garments!

* Want to learn how to HACK your patterns? The Level I Course showed you how to do that to your skirt pattern, and this series will include another pattern for that. You will need to know WHERE and HOW to change the pattern to add some new seamlines, and we'll cover that.

* You will need to purchase these patterns that will be used in this level of classes, most are available as "Printable" patterns:  

Butterick #6328 Unlined Vest with a Collar

McCall's #6927 Basic Woven Top with Bust Darts and Set-in Sleeves

New Look #6351 Unlined Princess-seam Jacket from class #103 pattern

Simplicity #1318 Easy Kimono Jacket

BONUS CLASS: Butterick #6328 A Vest Hack to create princess seams.

You can order any of these patterns directly from the Butterick/McCall's website HERE.

Simplicity/New Look patterns HERE.

* For the sewers that are ready to do a little more pattern work and more challenging techniques.

* My goal with this series is to also help you understand how to finish a garment with Professional techniques. If you want to sew for others and make it a career, you will need to make the garment look beautiful both inside and out. That's expected from you when you start to charge money for your services. I know this from my own professional experience as a custom dressmaker for more than 40 years.

* We will analyze the patterns and their measurements which are always hard to understand at first for your fitting knowledge.

* Use that knowledge and start making your layering pieces: an unlined vest, the pull-over blouse with bust darts, an unlined jacket, and an easy Kimono. With the Bonus class you will do another pattern hack on a vest pattern to incorporate some princess seams for much better fitting. You will now have 5 more garments in your wardrobe and some really great techniques to add to your sewing knowledge.  

#201 Unlined Vest: Butterick #6328

Online Class Fee: $9.99  

* View B Vest is a great layering piece for your wardrobe and looks good with the skirts and pants already completed

* Has long style lines for illusions of length and slimming the body

* Learn how to finish the seam allowances to be beautiful on the inside of the garment

* Using fusible interfacings

* Making a collar

* This pattern will be re-used in the Bonus Class to be lined and have princess seams and optional pockets added.

* This is the sixth piece of your Core Wardrobe. See the plan HERE.

Sewing Techniques: using turn-of-the-cloth techniques to make the collar lay correctly, using fusible interfacings, finishing details for unlined garments, sewing facings to finish the armholes.

Pattern: Butterick #6328. Order directly from Butterick website HERE.

How long to make this garment: approximately 3-4 hours

#202 Woven Fabric Top or Tunic: McCall's #6927

Online Class Fee: $9.99

* A basic top with Bust Darts and set-in sleeves. We will be using a beautiful, easy to handle, washable linen fabric. Very trendy right now.

* Making View E with side slits.

* Bust cup adjustments for a full bust (typically known as an FBA) will be reviewed to make sure you have enough room for your measurement.

* This pattern comes with 3 different front pattern pieces for B, C, and D cups and another group of sizes (18W-24W) will include C/D, DD, and DDD cups. But what if you need the size 16 for example and have DD cup size requirement? You will get the information to figure this out!

* Setting in sleeves in a woven fabric garment.

* Self-fabric bias neck finish--very easy to do and looks so nice on other garments, too. It's a great technique to incorporate into other designs.

* This is the seventh piece of your Core Wardrobe. See the plan HERE.

* This pattern will also be used for your pattern hack in class #301 to create a new blouse to match your 6-panel skirt--class #302. 

Sewing Techniques: Bust cup adjustments, sewing darts, setting in sleeves, making self-bias binding for necklines or edge-finishing, different seam finishes and hem options.

Pattern: McCall's #6927. To purchase this pattern directly from the Butterick/McCall pattern company website go HERE.

How long to make this garment: approx. 3-4 hours 

#203 Unlined Basic Jacket: New Look #6351

Online Class Fee: $9.99

* A simple, classic, unlined and easy jacket to make. Making view D in the class.

* Learn how to finish the inside seams when you don't have a lining.

* This is not a fitting class, but there will be easy fitting techniques shown to help you understand how to do it.

* How to sew the princess seams.

* Using fusible interfacings: where and what kind of interfacings.

* This is the eighth piece of your Core Wardrobe. See the plan HERE.

Sewing Techniques: Sewing princess seams, finishing seam allowances for a beautiful interior, using fusible interfacings, topstitching techniques to add optional details, combining pattern pieces from multiple garments on one fabric yardage

Pattern: New Look #6351. Order directly from the Simplicity/New Look website HERE.

How long to make this garment: approximately 3-4 hours

#204 Soft and Flowing Kimono Jacket: Simplicity #1318

Online Class Fee: $9.99

* We are going to make View C of this easy Kimono Pattern with the bands in self fabric.

* Long and flowing, and a great piece for layering with other garments.

* How to sew the front bands without all of the hand-stitching that the guide sheet tells you to do.

* How to hem delicate fabrics using tissue paper strips.

* Soft fabrics like this can be tricky to handle and sew. The class techniques will help you with that.

* This is the ninth piece of your Core Wardrobe. See the plan HERE

Sewing Techniques: Cutting and sewing light-weight fabrics, sewing the bands without any hand-stitching, seam finishes for light-weight fabrics such as french seams or mock-french seams, hemming a curved hemline on delicate fabrics.

Pattern: Simplicity #1318. Order directly from Simplicity pattern company HERE.

How long to make this garment: approximately 3-4 hours.

Level II Bonus Class: Lined, "Reversible" Vest with added Princess Seams: Butterick #6328

Online Class Fee: $9.99

OR FREE when you purchase all 4 of the Level II Classes #201-#204

* Making View B again but in a beautiful wool boucle' and using a stunning silk print to do a full lining to make the vest reversible.

* We will be adding Princess Seams to the vest pattern to get a better fit. By doing this, we also create some additional panels that can be in different colors or fabrics for more variations.

* How to sew the front, neck, armhole and hems by machine with very little hand-stitching.

* How to make and include bias loops and the covered buttons we will be adding.

* Edge-stitching and top-stitching techniques.

* How to use fusible interfacings

* Add optional pockets to the side front panel

* This is the tenth piece of your Core Wardrobe. See the plan HERE

Sewing Techniques: How to add new seams for design details, using fusible interfacings, making collars, making bias button loops, making self-covered buttons, creating pockets, top-stitching techniques, sew the vest and lining together with only 1 small seam to hand-sew.

Pattern: Butterick #6328. To purchase this pattern directly from the Butterick/McCall's pattern company website go HERE.

How long to make this garment: approx. 3-4 hours.